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Protectors & Supply Company, Inc.

"Reconditioning Today To Reduce Tomorrow's Waste"



We were Green before Green was cool.

     Our customer base is growing, and with that growth comes more demand for our reconditioned thread protectors.  We have service agreements in place with many drilling and service companies. Instead of burying the protectors in drilling mud pits, or throwing them in the trash, the protectors come to our facility.  Once here, we sort them and they are either reused or recycled.  

     Ever since SAR opened its doors on May 1st, 1986, we have been helping to bring cost effective and environmentally friendly changes to the oil and gas industries.  We brought forth the idea of large scale reconditioning, which provided threaders with a thread protector reuse option that quickly caught on.  Since 1986, we have expanded our Louisiana based thread protector reuse and recycling programs into Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the emerging shale deposits around the U. S.. By doing this we can reach further into the oilfield to better supply our customers with reconditioned material and bring our environmental change to a larger area. 

Sales of new and reconditioned oilfield thread protection products since 1986

About Us

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