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Protectors & Supply Company, Inc.

"Reconditioning Today To Reduce Tomorrow's Waste"



Our cleaning process is environmentally friendly.  We believe in protecting the environment for today, and preserving the environment for tomorrow.  That is why we only use Varsol™ in our cleaning process,  NEVER WATER. 

We DO NOT pollute WATER.

All of the waste that is generated from our reconditioning process is collected, and sent off for blending, and/or reuse as an alternative fuel.

Since 1986, SAR has been providing the oil and gas industries with environmentally responsible options for their thread protector needs.  Our recovery program provides companies with a RECYCLING option for their thread protectors instead of disposal.  By reconditioning, we are REDUCING the amount of future waste.  Our reconditioning process helps the environment by REUSING the thread protectors that have passed our strict quality control standards.


Louisiana DEQ: LA0000049791       Air Permit: PER20010001       Storm Water Runoff: LAR05N337